Ancient Plant Fruit in Siberia

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I was sent an article regarding the discovery of ancient plant fruit found in Siberia. It was supposedly 32,000 years old and they were able to grow a plant from it. Somebody suggested I write a blog on it. Dozens could be written, but I’m not a botanist. So I asked Stephen B. Austin, who has been a valuable volunteer with AOI, about it. He is well noted in Colorado for his botanical knowledge.  His comments follow:


“I was surprised to read about the discovery of the fruits of that “campion plant” in the frozen tundra of northeastern Siberia.

It would be most interesting to see if it is identical to an existing plant of that family and genus that is growing today.

Some observations:

1. I do not accept the date of 32,000 years, because of the inaccuracies of carbon dating, especially that far back.

2. The Noahic Flood produced unusual conditions about 4,500 years ago, such as abnormally warm arctic oceans. As you know, Michael Oard has written about such conditions, especially in regard to the existence of huge Mammoth herds in the Arctic, and how they more than likely met their demise. (“Frozen in Time” by Michael Oard is one such writing)

3. There have been other ancient seeds found in such places as the Egyptian pyramids, and how those seeds have germinated. It is my belief that the most ancient of the Egyptian pyramids were more than likely built in the decades and immediate centuries following the Noahic Flood, when life spans were still rather lengthy and technologies hadn’t been lost. The seeds in the Egyptian pyramid were some sort of grain crop.

4. Technologies back then were quite amazing. One case in point I remember is the ancient map of Antarctica (Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings) revealing an almost precise coastline of that continent. We were not able to determine that coastline until we developed satellite technology and were able to see beneath the ice existing there today. No doubt that map was produced within the few hundred years following the Noahic Flood, when glacial ice had not yet totally covered Antarctica. (See page 3 of the March/April 2012 Think & Believe for some additional info on this)

Thanks, Steve!  What tremendous design by our awesome God!  I find it exciting for a plant to be able to grow from very ancient fruit, even with an age correction of no more than 4500 years as evidenced not only by the Biblical history, but as well,  by the ancient mapping of Antarctica since then.

To the right is a modern Campion. To see the “ancient” one and for more information on the discovery, see their article.


Dave Nutting

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