Camels: Ships of the Desert

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Camels are some of the most important beasts of burden known to man.  They have been used for thousands of years as the chief means of transport in desert regions.  Most people know that camels can go a long time without water, but few understand just how amazing these “ships of the desert” really are. Indeed, camels can go for a week or more without water.  They can withstand dehydration of up to 25% of their body weight and then rehydrate amazingly rapidly by drinking up...

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A Long Fruitful Summer

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  Praise the Lord … we made it through a very long, hot, and busy summer. We had to rely on the strength of God every bit of the way, and He sustained us. We began by doing 2 ½ weeks of Rodeo Bible Camp. Checkout the blogs we posted on: the Rodeo Bible Camp; the Junior Rodeo Bible Camp; and the Pee-Wee Rodeo Bible Camp. We did 1 family Vacation Bible School and 1 children’s VBS in South Dakota.  See the Two for One post for a little more on that trip. In the...

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Dinosaurs, Monuments, and The Gospel

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  On Monday, August 27th, I had the great opportunity to host both a Colorado National Monument tour and a Dinosaur Journey Museum tour for Mountain Valley Christian Academy.  The day started at 9:00 am at the monument with a presentation explaining the landscape by the evolutionary model and then by the creation/flood model.  We talked about the effects of the flood on geology.  The creation/flood model fits so much better with the observed data. After finishing at...

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Ancient Plant Fruit in Siberia

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I was sent an article regarding the discovery of ancient plant fruit found in Siberia. It was supposedly 32,000 years old and they were able to grow a plant from it. Somebody suggested I write a blog on it. Dozens could be written, but I’m not a botanist. So I asked Stephen B. Austin, who has been a valuable volunteer with AOI, about it. He is well noted in Colorado for his botanical knowledge.  His comments follow:   “I was surprised to read about the discovery of the...

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How Desert Animals Beat the Heat

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Deserts!  Lizards, rattlesnakes, and cacti come to mind.  Can anything else survive?  Yes!  Many animals have either learned how to cope or come equipped with ingeniously designed systems to “beat the heart.” Many animals cope by avoiding the heat as much as possible.  They limit activity to the cooler morning or evening hours, and spend much of the day in a cool, moist burrow or in the shade of rocks or vegetation.  Others minimize heat absorption by aligning themselves...

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Why We Shoot Deer

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I am a hunter and an amateur roper (just learning actually), so when a friend sent this to me, I just had to share it with others. I hope you see the humor in it as I do (no offense to my vegetarian friends) … but most of all realize that we are never too old to learn something new.   WHY WE SHOOT DEER Why we shoot deer in the wild (A letter from someone who wants to remain anonymous, who farms, writes well and actually tried this).I had this idea that I could rope a...

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Solar Flares Affect Radioactive Decay Rates

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An article in the August 13 Science Daily reports on research in progress by Purdue University physicists which could lead to ways of protecting satellite and Earth communication/energy systems and even give warnings to astronauts on space missions . The danger is in the neutrino emissions from solar flares which have knocked out equipment in the past and exposed astronauts to extreme radiation. The researchers are working on technology which could warn of solar activity so...

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Thank God For Air!

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When you get up in the morning, take in a deep breath and then gently blow it outward across your hand. What you feel moving across your hand is air. Now take another deep breath and thank God for air! You probably already know that you need air to live – just hold your breath for a few seconds and you will quickly understand just how much you need the oxygen in air to live! However, air is much more than just oxygen and does many things for us besides enabling us to...

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Training The Future Generation

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I spent two weeks helping with the children’s program at Camp Redcloud.  We had from 12-18 children each day.  They were an active, fun, and enthusiastic group.  One of the favorite activities is always making sock puppets.  The children enjoy performing with them for their parents on Thursday during the variety show. Some of the older children (age 11-13) , who had been in the program in previous years, enjoyed being able to be helpers as well.  Some are very interested...

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Another Great Experience at Redcloud Mountain Adventures

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What a great time we had at Redcloud Mountain Adventure!  Family camp is always a rewarding time to minister to the entire family.  Our desire is to grow families in their relationships to each other and with the Lord. Primarily we want to train fathers to be the spiritual leaders in their families. The first week had many teens with unique issues to be addressed.  We trust that God will do great things in their lives in the coming days and years.  The second week we had...

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The Challenges of Taking to the Air

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Looking at the optical illusion below, you will see larger boxes being packed into much smaller boxes. Of course, this is an impossible figure; however, Marilyn and I face the same kind of problem whenever we fly as a part of our family/children’s ministry. We carry a lot of equipment to do Vacation Bible Schools and Bible camps: puppet stage, puppets, memory verses, sound equipment, speakers, speaker stands, projector(s), projection screen, projection tables, fossils...

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The Monkey’s Disgrace

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In the  January/February 1991 issue of Think & Believe, we included a poem written by an unknown author titled Darwin’s Mistake. Just recently, a good friend of ours gave us a copy of the same poem titled The Monkey’s Disgrace that she ran across out of the Coloradoan newspaper (March 20, 2002) in a Dear Abby column.  My Google search led me to the website, where the below picture was found with the same poem. The site makes a good case...

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