A Reminder From My Wisdom Teeth

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One of the so-called “proofs” that evolutionists use to substantiate their claims is the fact that we have problems with wisdom teeth. Today as I write this, I am certainly thinking about that argument.  I am only three- fourths as wise as I was at the beginning of the week when I had one pulled. My mouth still hurts after about a week. So, the pain is a constant reminder of the issue.

Frank Sherwin from the Institute for Creation research wrote an article titled, “The Whole Tooth about Wisdom Teeth.”  He wrote:

Were you ever told that your wisdom teeth had to come out because they were crowding your other teeth — and this was because the modern human jaw was slowly evolving? In a section of a popular high school biology text (2002) entitled, “Critical Thinking, the two authors discuss removal of people’s wisdom teeth supposedly due to “evolution of the human jaw.” But this has nothing to do with macroevolution and everything to do with diet. Processed and refined foods in modern societies have resulted in our reduced use of wisdom teeth. When refined foods are constantly eaten, there is no stimulus for robust jaw development and erupting wisdom teeth become crowded. Failure of the wisdom teeth to erupt in normal position results in many cases of a developmental cyst around the crown of the tooth and problems result. Does this sound like macroevolution? Furthermore, there are virtually no “primitive” cultures with impacted teeth because their hearty diet uses wisdom teeth to grind and crush raw and unprocessed foods. One might say “use it or loose it” applies here! Does the biology text you have (or your children or grandchildren) use the unscientific explanation of wisdom teeth removal because of “the evolution of the human jaw”? [ICR article – Whole Tooth about Wisdom Teeth]

Mr. Sherwin then went on to discuss a problem for evolutionists regarding teeth in that there are no transitions showing how they developed. Instead, they are fully formed and well-designed when found in the fossil record. This is not what one would expect from evolution!

The fact that all of my wisdom teeth are large and well developed (even though they are still subject to cavities) makes me think of the truth of this statement: The main use of wisdom teeth is that they are for chewing.


Dave Nutting

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