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Story Telling with Peter...

This unique Vacation Bible School, at the River of Life Alliance Church in Grand Junction, that I recently helped with was not a “milk and toast” teaching program. In fact, it was going to be packed!  We actually wondered if it would work and how well the segments would integrate. Lynn Sullivan, the organizer, planned on my giving a seventy-five minute creation vs. evolution lecture each day with K- 2nd graders, which was followed by snack time and another seventy-five minutes with 3rd – 6th graders.

While the one group was having their creation teaching, the other group would have their choice between two tracks of learning. The first track was with the professional “Ballet Emmanuel” team, learning ballet and preparing to perform during the final evening’s “Rain Ballet Theater.” The performance would be a dramatization of the struggles and “hope in the midst of the storm”  of “Mrs. Noah” during the year of the Flood.

Experimentation with Mark....

The second track was an art/hands-on-science creation teaching with Mark Sonmor. Among many other activities, it even involved learning about plate tectonics models for the Flood and making scale model arks. It also offered experimenting with a “flood tank” that Mark had made to demonstrate what a lot of water can do in producing canyons and other huge erosional features typical of the country-side.

Peter Gouge, who is a wonderful story teller, was going to intersperse his stories in between my shorter creation teaching sessions. However, since he had to work all but the first day, we quickly modified the program. He would do all of his teaching the first day and I would do all of the rest of the time.  Could he hold them for 75 minutes? Actually, they could have gone longer! The children loved his stories as he talked about birds and animals and experiences.

The question remained, could I hold them for 75 minutes? With a short break in the middle, and utilizing voice and other “song and dance” actions, the kids actually hung in with me to learn about: creation vs. evolution; wonderful design features; the Flood and dinosaurs; fossils and cavemen; and asking, “what’s the evidence.”

The VBS worked! Kids were fortified with the Truth and some came to know the Lord! Lynn Sullivan, who directed this VBS along with her excellent team of adult and teen volunteers, did a tremendous job of organizing the VBS, keeping everything on track, leading the kids in music, Bible memory (verbal and signed), and providing wonderful snacks. The final wrap-up evening was a huge blessing including the very well done “Rain” ballet performance.

Actually the whole time was a blessing to all of us! Thanks to everyone who took part!


Dave Nutting

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