Why Don’t They See?

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It was a rainy day and Susan sat on her bed watching the raindrops hit the window pane.  She was feeling kind of down because she had argued with her best friend today.  She had shouted at Tiffany and told her she couldn’t be much of a Christian if she believed in that evolution stuff.  Now Susan felt bad.

Susan and Tiffany had been given the assignment of dissecting a fish in biology class today.  Looking inside the fish, at all the incredible organs and parts, was fascinating.  They were asked to compare the parts of a fish to that of a reptile and to that of a man.  Tiffany saw lots of similarities between the fish, reptile, and man.  She saw that they all were air breathing in one form or another, and that they all had appendages.  Tiffany also saw that they all had eyes and digestive systems, and they all reproduced.  She thought they were very much alike, but Susan didn’t.  Susan didn’t think that the fishes’ method of breathing and man’s were even remotely similar, and that differences between a hand and a fin were most obvious.  If Tiffany thought laying eggs and having a baby were alike then she needed her head examined!  One look into that fish’s eye, and she knew that she and Tiffany were both looking at God’s creation through totally different eyes!

How could Tiffany believe that the fish could develop lungs from gills, or grow arms, legs, hands, and feet from fins, and somehow manage to lose a swim bladder?  Didn’t she see how complex that tiny swim bladder was?  Why couldn’t Tiffany see how impossible the odds were that a delicate gill filament, designed to take oxygen out of water, could change into a sac designed to take oxygen out of air?  Why couldn’t Tiffany see that ALL the other organs would have had to change, AT THE SAME TIME, to make this new creature?  It just blew Susan’s mind how Tiffany could believe that by chance and accidents, the many different, perfect kinds of plants and animals we see today could have evolved.  Where was the fossil evidence to support these changes?  Didn’t she read her Bible?  God made everything in six days.  How could Tiffany be so in the dark?

Then Susan looked to the window.  A bright ray of sun broke through the clouds and fell warm and reassuring on Susan’s bed.  The clouds parted and a brilliant rainbow filled the sky.  Susan felt a warm feeling go through her body and realized that it wasn’t Tiffany’s fault that she hadn’t seen the light.  She had been told evolution was true long before she had become a Christian, and she was still growing… changing…. ”evolving”.

Susan realized at that moment that she had to change her own attitude.  Tiffany needed Susan’s love and guidance, not her anger or scorn.  Susan bowed her head and asked God to guide her in helping Tiffany see through the misinformation and truly see the light of God the Creator!


By Lanny and Marilyn Johnson

Originally Published in the March/April 1996 Kids Think and Believe Too!

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