One of the Major Problems with Evolution

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I believe one of the major problems with the religion of evolution is the origin of life.  Where did life come from? For thousands of years, people believed life came from non-living matter. A famous Greek philosopher, Aristotle, who lived about 330 BC taught decaying meat would turn into flies.  He performed scientific experiments with meat. If he left the meat (non-life) uncovered and allowed it to decay for a few days, then it would produce maggots.   So Aristotle hypothesized that non-living matter would change into life.

He also made other observations to support his idea.  He studied ooze at the bottom of a river.  Since this ooze was similar to the smell and feel of eels, he believed eels evolved from goo.  His belief was that similar characteristics were evidence of evolution.  This ancient belief of life from non-life is called ‘spontaneous generation’ or ‘abiogenesis.’

Many others did scientific experiments to support the idea of spontaneous generation.  Some would place meat on high shelves, which were too high for maggots to crawl up to, and in a few days they would observe maggots.  As early as 40 BC, there was even a recipe to grow bees.

Scientists, even as late as the 1600’s, were still performing experiments to support abiogenesis. A biologist named Jean Baptist van Helmont demonstrated that he could produce mice within 21 days by putting smelly rags and wheat in a box.  In every experiment, he observed at least one mouse trying to gnaw his way out of the box.  With all this accumulated scientific evidence for spontaneous generation, it became a theory, and then a law called the ‘Law of Abiogenesis.”  This law was considered a scientific fact for almost 2000 years!  Guess what professors were teaching their students!  Spontaneous generation!

A quote from a science textbook titled, ‘Modern Biology,’ states on page 20 that, “until the late nineteenth century, most scientists accepted the idea of spontaneous generation without question.”  Sadly, there was no real evidence for this idea.  Many times, people often draw conclusions that are not supported by facts.  But thankfully, a seventeenth century Italian scientist, Francesco Redi, demanded proof.  Could decaying flesh change into flies?  Redi proved that the answer was no.  Maggots came from eggs laid by flies.  The decaying meat was nothing more than food for the maggots.


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