Dinosaur To Bird?

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In Genesis 1:20-23 we discover that God created birds on day 5 of Creation, and land animals on day 6 (Genesis 1:24-25, 31).  Dinosaurs walked upon the land, so they were created on day 6.

Today, many evolutionary scientists believe dinosaurs are the great-great-great-grandparents of modern day birds.  Lately, some scientists say they have found “feathers” on a few dinosaurs called theropods, the group of dinosaurs that includes Tyrannosaurus rex.  They believe that this is proof that dinosaurs evolved into birds.  However, other scientists do not think these so-called feathers are actually feathers, but are special threadlike structures used to make the skin stronger.

Evolutionary Guesses:

Evolution GUESSES these so-called feathers evolved from worn, ragged scales.  Some GUESS dinosaurs used these “feathers” to puff themselves up to look good in the eyes of a mate.  Others GUESS they evolved to keep the dinosaurs warm in cold climates.  However, these stories cannot explain how feathers evolved.  Feathers have barbs, barbules and hooks.  Scales are folds in the skin.  They both grow in a totally different way and are made of different chemicals (proteins).  Another problem…no fossil has ever been found showing scales turning into feathers or even legs into wings…it is just a GUESS that it ever happened!

A number of evolutionary scientists GUESS that some of the “feathered dinosaurs”, which were fairly small and able to climb, might have lived in trees.  The story goes on to say they jumped down from the trees holding their arms out and the fuzzy insulating feathers allowed them to glide through the air.  Then as they began to glide for longer and longer distances, their feathers changed shape, and by flapping their arms they began to fly.

Others GUESS that as feathered theropods chased down prey, their covering of insulating feathers allowed them to “bounce” through the air faster, helping them catch their next meal.  Another GUESS is this extra bounce could have helped a very frightened feathered dinosaur out-leap the hungry jaws of a larger dinosaur.  Whether the dinosaur is chasing or being chased, the evolutionary story then GUESSES these feathered dinosaurs had more children who grew LARGER feathers.  By flapping their arms, the LARGER feathers would give them more “lift”, allowing them to fly.

Either story, jumping from trees, or a running leap from the ground, says that exercising a part of the body will make that part stronger and then be passed on to the children.  Hmmm…if your father developed really big muscles through hard work, does that mean you would have big muscles when you were born?  Of course not!  Yet that is exactly what evolution is teaching about the beginning of flight.

Though we only see feathers on birds today, that does not mean that some dinosaurs or even reptiles could not have had feathers in the past.  Even if feathered dinosaurs are found, this would NOT be proof that dinosaurs evolved into birds.  Birds and reptiles are very different in many ways other than feathers.  Birds that fly have: 

● powerful muscles and special tendons designed for flight

● streamlined bodies

● special lungs

●light hollow bones that are also part of their breathing system

● weight centered for balance in flight

● warm blooded.

If a feathered dinosaur is ever found, it would just be another amazing creature made by God, NOT made by evolution.

By Lanny and Marilyn Johnson

Originally Published in the November/December 2009 Kids Think and Believe Too!

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