New Dinosaur Extinction Theory – They Gassed Themselves!

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Well, forget the comet and volcano theories. Forget the mammals over-running the dinosaurs. British researchers are saying that dinosaurs may have gassed themselves to extinction. That’s right. These huge lumbering giants ate so much vegetation that the digestive microbes needed to break down the food produced enormous amounts of methane gas. In fact, the production was estimated to be over 5 times the total that all of the world farm animals produce today.

So, if I have the right understanding, the large amount of methane produced added to the greenhouse gasses. This caused unusual global warming of such an extent that it killed off the dinosaurs. So, therefore, the dinosaurs caused their own extinction.

Over the years, scientists have had many theories to explain dinosaur extinction including the latest (up until now) asteroid theory. They have even suggested that the dinosaurs’ favorite plant (which had a laxative effect) died off. That caused all the dinos to die of constipation. Even the comic writers have suggested theories. Far side showed a picture of dinosaurs smoking cigarettes and captioned it, “The real reason dinosaurs became extinct.” BC comic shows two dinosaurs looking at cave people and commenting, “Careful, them little twerps are carnivorous.”

Hey, here’s another idea I just thought of. Perhaps a bolt of lightning set off all of that methane in one huge explosion and resulted in a monstrous fireball. That would do it.

In all of this, secular scientists never consider a Biblical explanation. Perhaps most of the dinosaurs perished in Noah’s Flood except for those on the ark. The remaining ones may have been hunted to extinction. Perhaps, the comic strip BC had it right!

Thanks, Lisa, for alerting us to this eye-opening, heads-up on one more idea in a long line of theories trying to explain the real reason dinosaurs became extinct.

For those wanting to see read more, check out the article on Fox News.


Dave Nutting

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