“My Church Beat Me Up”

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“You forgot to talk about ‘panspermia’ when you talked about the options about where we come from,” challenged a teenager after a Creation Science Fellowship meeting in New Mexico.

I explained to him that panspermia was just a variation on evolution … because there is no true evidence for life beginning by itself here upon the earth, panspermia was proposed as a theory that life on earth originated from organisms coming from outer space.

He then shared that he enjoyed my presentation on “The Miracle of Life,” and it had given him some things to think about. He went on to admit that he was really struggling in what to believe about evolution or Creation.

My next question to him was, “Do you believe in Jesus Christ?”After a long pause he stated, “I used to, but now … no I don’t believe in Jesus.”  “What do you mean, ‘you used to’?”, I asked?

“The church I go to has really beaten me up. They keep teaching that the church is the authority and not the Bible. I don’t know who to trust. I am really confused.” I asked him what church he attended, and by his answer, I then knew why he was so confused. Not only does this church teach it is authority, but it also teaches that evolution is true.

Unfortunately, all of us at AOI have met many youth struggling with the same issues. Tragically, it is not just the outside worldview they are in a battle with, but many times that battle rages on within the church.

My advice and challenge to that young man … don’t put your trust in a religion; rather put it in the Word of God – into a personal relationship with the Savior Jesus Christ. Start reading and studying the Bible and go to a Bible believing church. Recognize all the artwork that is rampant in the books, movies, magazines, and museums is just that – ARTWORK! Then with an open mind begin asking, “What’s the Evidence?” Hopefully he will then be led to the Truth of Jesus Christ our Creator (Col. 1:16)


Lanny Johnson


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