Dinosaur Teeth and Mark Twain

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Years ago, Mark Twain in his very tongue in cheek method wrote in Life on the Mississippi,

“There is something fascinating about science. One gets such wholesale returns of conjecture out of such a trifling investment of fact.”

I have just read an article which seems to support Twain’s thesis (rightly or wrongly).

Scientists have been looking at the teeth of dinosaurs to determine their body temperature. As they point out, you can’t just stick a thermometer in their cold, dead, fleshless mouths, but they think they can tell the body temperature by the type of minerals left on their teeth. Perhaps this is valid. If so, their body temperatures were not much different than ours.

Although there are those who advance the warm-blooded nature of Dinosaurs, does this evidence prove they were warm blooded? Possibly, but the article did point out that is one interpretation. They also mentioned that animals the size of many dinosaurs could be warmer simply because of the sheer size. Perhaps, too, it was just a warmer climate back when they lived. (By the way, that fits with the Flood model! Temperatures prior to the Flood could have been warmer throughout the world. Would that contribute to the observations?)

The returns one gets from the “investment of fact” would, of course, depend on what thesis you are trying to support. The evolutionary glasses will certainly help you see things that the evidence may not necessarily suggest, and at the same time, will screen out other information which might give a different interpretation. We see that regularly when we present problems with evolution in our seminars. We sometimes hear, “Oh, wow! I never thought of that.”  That is to be expected since students usually only hear evolutionary interpretations of the evidence and never get to hear a creationist view.

We at AOI hope you will get into the teeth of the matter and spread the word of Creation! Help others chew on the facts.


Dave Nutting

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