From Hunting Videos and the Seriousness of Sin to Security Witnessing

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To expose the Indians to some Colorado culture, I liked to show them my elk hunting videos.  These videos are recordings of some of my family’s hunting adventures.  This was all new to them.  I was told it is illegal to hunt in India.  Needless to say, the hunting videos were a big hit.

The videos also gave me the opportunity to talk about the seriousness of sin.  The Bible states that without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sins.  Adam brought sin into the world by eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.  Paul wrote in Romans that the wages of sin is death, so we all deserve to die and go to hell, even Adam and Eve.

God’s just nature demands the penalty for breaking the law be carried out, so we all deserve to die, but God’s love and mercy offers another way (a substitute sacrifice).   There was death the day Adam ate the forbidden fruit.  Both the man and the woman were clothed with coats of skins.  To skin an animal, the animal must die and its blood be shed.  These coats of skins represented a blood atonement (a substitute sacrifice) for their sins.

But the blood of animals cannot take away sins.  Only the death of a sinless God-man can take away sins.  Jesus Christ is the sinless man and He is also God.  He is our substitute sacrifice.  He paid the penalty for our sins by dying on the cross.  All we have to do to have all of our sins forgiven is trust in Jesus.   Only through Him can we have eternal life.

Traveling in India is always an adventure.   Even going through security at the airport can be a time of ministry.   I have discovered x-ray machines do not like my computers, projector, cords, and fossil replicas.  They always send a red flag to security personnel.

When checking my carry-on bag, they were very curious about my dinosaur fossil replicas.  This is an opportunity to teach them about dinosaurs and how they proclaim creation.  I have had security guards show my replicas to other security guards and relay to them the information about dinosaurs.

Preparing for my return to the U.S., I packed my dinosaur replicas in my check luggage.  This also sent a red flag to security personnel.  I was escorted by armed guards to a special security room to open my luggage for inspection.  Here I also had the opportunity to witness.  The people were excited and took pictures of me holding the fossils. It is amazing what God can use.  Check in later for my next blog that talks of a missed opportunity that God redeemed.


Rich Stepanek

A Picture that reminds me that no matter what the cost, it is worth the price.

This is a picture at the children’s mercy home, where the children wanted to trust Jesus as their Savior after hearing the message of Creation.

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