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I noticed the following article in the local Grand Junction, Colorado Gem & Mineral Club’s newsletter, the Leaverite News. It was a response to the standard, but inadequate, interpretation of the eons of time used to explain Specimen Ridge in Yellowstone National Park. That location has multiple layers containing upright standing petrified trees which are stacked on top of each other.

The traditional explanation usually refers to multiple forests having grown and each having been buried over long periods of time by successive volcanic eruptions. It is good to see that material we have been sharing in seminars is finding its way into many venues by various people.  The article read:

“Just a tidbit I learned from Mt. St. Helens and the interpretation of the upright petrified logs in Yellowstone.
    30 years after the eruption of Mt. St. Helens in 1980, a diver dared to dive under the still floating logs in Spirit Lake and discovered that many logs had “sunk” to a vertical condition! If Mt. St. Helens erupted now and the ash filled the lake, the logs would be in the same position as those in Yellowstone and with the silicic acid available to petrify them!
    Also, Mt. St. Helens created anywhere from 8 to 30 distinct layers in a matter of only 2 hours, NOT millions of years! There are a great many more factors in why layers form flat than time.
   This info leads to the interpretation of Yellowstone’s vertical petrified forest that the lake the trees were floating in had “sunk” vertically as in Spirit Lake, been covered with new ash and petrified. The level of the lake rose due to ashfall; more eruptions put more trees in the lake;  more ash covered them, then the trees were petrified, and the cycle continued to the end of the eruptions. (The trees grew back above the lake’s level – like  St. Helens has done in 30 years) That explains how there are vertical petrified trees ascending the hillside!
    If anyone quotes any radioactive dating ages, remember that lightning and static electricity is common at volcanic eruptions and gamma rays from lightning and thunderstorms induce radioactivity and that causes radioactivity to increase which in turn gives a false old age of a rock. That makes the petrified trees on the lower level have a much older age….gamma rays penetrate the ground to about 30 meters making the deeper rocks “date” even older than they are.
   The information given in the Leaverite News is the old interpretation that was posted at Yellowstone for many years. It is my understanding that the post has been removed after the discoveries at Mt. St. Helens.
    Geological interpretations are in a continuous flux.  Thanks for letting me share.” (Laverne Megee)

Thanks also, Laverne, for writing that!

I also recently received this note:

“Michael, my 10-year old, recently had a conversation with a 20-year old college student and “stumped” him by using AOI evidence of intelligent design.  Your ministry is having a great impact!  😉 Out of the mouths of babes, …“

It is always encouraging to us that the material we present through our seminars not only impacts those who attend (even when they are quite young) but also those with whom they share it with! I encourage you also to pass it on! Please share the material with as many as you can and send them to our website! Also, If you wish to have a seminar in your area, please contact us!


Dave Nutting

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