The Amazing Planet

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Do you ever complain, “Man, it’s so hot!,” or, I’m about to freeze to death”?  Well, in some parts of the world you could die of the heat, and in other parts of the world you could die from the cold.  But that is not how God originally created the world to be like.  When He was done creating, the world was perfect!  It was very good – but not for long, because along came Adam and Eve, and along came sin.  Because of their disobedience to God, the world was changed.  God still left the world in such a way that man could live.  Even after the Flood, God provided a way for life to continue here on earth.

There are many things about the Earth that are just right for life.  If the earth was any closer to the sun, it would be too hot.  If we were any farther away from the sun, it would be too cold and all the water would be frozen solid like an ice cube.

If the earth did not have a large moon revolving around it, there would be no ocean tides.  The seas might grow stagnate or stale and all the fish would die.

The size of the earth is just right too!  If the earth were too small, its gravity would be weak, and all the air and water would float off into space.  If the earth were twice as big as it is now, gravity would be eight (8) times as much.  We’d be squashed!

The earth spins as it circles the sun and this gives us our day and night.  The earth is also tipped 23 degrees from upright.  This tilt and spin give us our four seasons.  If the earth wasn’t tipped, the North and South poles would be a lot colder and the equator would be much hotter.  Only half the land we use today would be able to be lived on, and lots of types of plants and animals would die.

The earth contains 21% oxygen, which we need to live.  There is no free oxygen on any other planet.  Also, Earth is the only place in all of the Solar System where water in liquid form exists.  Without water there can be no life!

The earth truly is amazing!  It is the only planet in all of the Solar System where life can exist.  The Bible tells us in Psalms 24:1; The earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness thereof ; the world, and they that dwell therein.  The earth belongs to God!  Yet God created the world as a home for you and me and all the other living creatures.  We are important to the Lord, and we should praise Him for His love!


By Lanny and Marilyn Johnson

Originally Published in the Sept-Nov 1996 Kids Think and Believe Too!

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