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The Bible was not written as a science textbook. It was written to explain God’s purpose and relationship to man. Yet the Bible does contain a great deal of scientific truth written hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of years before being “discovered” by modern scientists.

The ancient Greeks thought the world was held up by Atlas (Greek mythology – a Titan who was forced by Zeus to bear the sky on his shoulders). Others supposed it was hanging from the heavens by means of a hefty chain. The Egyptians believed the earth was propped up by five huge poles.

The Hindu religion taught that an elephant(s) carried the earth on its back, which itself was perched upon the shell of a gigantic turtle that was floating in the cosmic sea. Others believed the earth was floating in an enormous ocean.

In 1608, Sir Isaac Newton discovered that the earth was suspended in outer space, being held in orbit by the gravitational force of the sun. It was not until recent times that man has proved Newton’s theory by way of space flights.

The Bible said that the earth is suspended in space 3600 years before scientists discovered it.

He stretcheth out the north over the empty place, and hangeth the earth upon nothing. Job 26:7


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