What happened to Truth?

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The Truth Please!

I received this note some time ago from a geology student at a university in Colorado. We have worked with this student to help her differentiate between fact or fiction. Since that time, she has done a wonderful job. I have left off names as she is still a student and needs to graduate.

She wrote: “This is no joke. This is a quote from my [petrology, geology] professor:”

“We don’t know what happened.  Just make something up.  Get it published.  People will quote you.  It will stand for 50 years before someone will test it and find out it isn’t true.”

Can you imagine what would happen if a Creationist said that?  However, from experience, this kind of sounds like some of the techniques some professors use who throw out information at our seminars at the universities. The intent is usually to try to make the students question the reliability of the presentation we have just given.  It is also very similar to one debate we were in against 3 evolutionists. One of the evolutionists was overheard saying, “It doesn’t matter what we say in this debate. All we have to do is to get them [the students] on our side. Remember we have all the rest of the year to work with these students.”

Argghhhh….What about truth? To me, it is disappointing that this professor, and some of those we have experienced, have this kind of attitude!


Dave Nutting

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