Great Timing!

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Veni, vidi, vici

Last week, David DeCesare and Paul DeCesare, a father and son team who have been doing our computer work remotely from Arizona, came to Grand Junction to make some needed changes to our computer and data-base systems.

While they were here in our office working on the computers, the server crashed. They both looked at each other while working on different computers, and asked, “Did you shut off the server?” Neither had done so.  It turned out that the server’s power supply burned out, which consequently caused damage to some other components and corrupted some programs.

Paul and David  had nothing to do with the failure. That malfunction could have happened at any time, but we are very thankful it happened while they were here! Otherwise, we would have gone crazy trying to figure out the problem, and then would have needed to bring David up, by plane or car, for a separate trip from the Phoenix area to take care of it.

God’s timing was great, although the extra problem did cause David many additional hours and some long nights on repairing things while they were here. The above picture is their Victory picture over the computer.  Needless to say, both were quite tired when they headed out of our office toward Arizona.

We also are very thankful to have capable people in the DeCesares who have a heart of service and dedication to the ministry of AOI! Thanks, Paul! Thanks, David!


Dave Nutting

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