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It is a very rare occurrence these days, but I was recently able to teach in a public school. Why I say rare – this is only the 4th school I have been allowed to teach in within the past 5 years.

A few years ago, when the Intelligent Design group began trying to get their ideas taught in the public school system, the evolutionary “world” became very nervous. The ACLU and NEA (National Education Association) teamed up to make a concerted effort to keep their material out of the school literature and classrooms.

Being Creationists, who also teach intelligent design and have done so long before the Intelligent Design advocates were even formed, they have also expelled us from the schools. It has always been hard to get into the schools, but now it is even harder.

One of the excuses used to keep us from teaching in schools is the misrepresented “separation of church and state.” We are told that because we teach religion, we cannot give a presentation to government sponsored students. This has always been quite amazing to me, because when I am allowed to teach in a public school setting, I do not teach about a Creator, or about religion at all – I teach about what is scientifically wrong with evolution. I do this in order to protect the teacher or administrator that allowed us to share with the students.

Actually religion IS being taught in almost every public school district in America. The religion of humanism (it was proclaimed a religion in the higher court system), whose foundation is evolution, is the prevalent worldview being taught in our schools
today. Because Creationism and Christianity are a threat to humanism, we are not allowed to “brainwash” their children.

Ironically, in 1999, when Richard Stepanek and I were in Russia, we were allowed to teach in dozens of their public schools. After teaching several sessions to high school age students on the problems of evolution, one of the teachers said to me, “Oh this is so interesting. The students in America must love what you teach them.” I shared with her the idea of separation of church and state and why we couldn’t get into the public schools. She was amazed. She then showed me a textbook the Russian teachers were using to teach Origins.

The first part of the book taught the idea of an intelligent designer, the second part about evolution, and the third part about life coming from outer space. “Which idea do you believe?” I asked her. “Oh, I believe in evolution,” she answered. “Then why are you allowing me to teach your students what is wrong with evolution?” She answered, “Because, I think the students should be given all the information, so they can decide on their own what they believe.”

This was from a teacher in a predominately atheistic country whose core beliefs are based on evolution! Oh, America! Why are our children no longer allowed to see all the evidence that they might also be able to make an informed decision of what they believe?

Now, please don’t misunderstand. There are a lot of wonderful Christian teachers and administrators in the schools; however, in many cases their “hands have been tied” when it comes to the right to share the Truth with their students. We need to continually pray for those teachers and administrators …that even though they are limited with what they can say or teach their students, pray that they still might be a shining light to those who so desperately need to know the Truth.


Lanny Johnson

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