A “Chance” Meeting

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This past Sunday, we did a Discover Creation seminar at a small church in Minnesota. After the morning service, we went to a near-by fast food restaurant for lunch with the pastor and his wife and a few others from the church. While waiting to place his order, one of the men (Bill) ran into a couple whom he had not seen for over 15 years.

They had both been involved in a local creation group back then, but had gotten busy, stopped going to the meetings, and lost track of one another. Bill was excited to see the long-lost friends and invite them to the meetings that night at his church. He was even more excited and encouraged when they came.

Over the break, not knowing that these were the friends Bill had told us about at lunchtime, I “happened” to go over and talk with this couple. They were very enthusiastic about the program, and encouraged to be there. I found out that they were really interested in creation and would like to be able to share their knowledge and interest with others. I told them a little bit about AOI and our vision of training and equipping lay-people to teach creation in their own churches and communities, and they sounded very interested in participating. Who knows where God will take it from here?

Over the years, we have often been encouraged by what some people might consider “coincidences” or “chance” meetings. We don’t really believe that this meeting was a “chance.” We believe that as we seek to follow God, He directs our steps and guides our paths. What a privilege and an adventure it is to serve such a powerful and loving Creator! To Him be the glory!


Mary Jo Nutting

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