Missing Our Atheist Friends

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We were at DeKalb, IL, for 4 nights of speaking at Northern Illinois University. We have spoken at this university each fall for the past several years. Traditionally, these meetings have been heavily attended by students claiming to be atheists, agnostics, or skeptics, and the Q&A time has sometimes become quite animated.

Attendance this year was markedly down, and most in attendance were already Christians with some honest seekers. Probably a major part of the reason is that in the past, one of the most vocal anti-creation professors required his students to come to our Tuesday evening meeting, and gave extra credit for those who came to other sessions. Even though many of these students were openly opposed to our position, we enjoyed the opportunity to field their questions and interact with them. This professor has now retired, and we are missing him and his students.

Things were quite tame this year. While we missed the opportunity to speak to more skeptics, the quieter atmosphere allowed us to have deeper discussions with several individuals who might not have spoken up in a larger group. We were able to equip and encourage the Christian students to stand firm, and to answer different kinds of questions than we usually get from a group of avowed atheists.

The bottom line is that God has a purpose and a plan. We are grateful for the opportunity to present an alternative to the pervasive evolutionary, naturalistic, evolutionary teaching found on this very secular campus — and we are grateful for each person that came to hear. We are called to plant the seed. Others will continue to water, but only God can bring forth fruit. So please, pray with us that the seeds planted in Illinois fell on good ground and will bear abundant fruit for eternity.


Mary Jo Nutting

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