The World Wide Flood

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“Hey, kids, come look out the window at the rainbow,” Dad called.

“Wow, it’s beautiful,” exclaimed Billy. “We were just reading about the Flood and the rainbow in Bible class today.”

“Dad, a new boy talked to me after the class and told me that he didn’t believe in that flood stuff,” said Mary.  “I asked him why not, and he said that his father says that the Flood was not a worldwide flood.  He thinks it had to be a local flood, around messy…messy something.”

“His father was probably talking about Mesopotamia, an area between the two rivers – Euphrates and Tigris,” suggested Mr. Jones.

“Do you think he is right, Dad?” asked Mary.

“No I don’t, Mary.  When I read about the Flood in Genesis six through nine, I think it is very clear that God is talking about a worldwide flood.  When talking about Noah’s flood, only the Hebrew word mabbuwl (mab-bool’) is used; not the common Hebrew words for a local flood.”

Mr. Jones continued, “Do you remember how long it took Noah to build the Ark?”

“I do! It was a hundred twenty years,” exclaimed Mary.

“That’s right.  God gave Noah one hundred twenty years warning about the coming flood.  If it was a local flood, it was a waste of time and hard work to build a huge ship; Noah and his family had plenty of time to just walk away from where they were living.”

“Billy, do you know why Noah build the Ark?” asked Mr. Jones.

“Because God told him to,” Billy replied.

“Well, that is true Billy.  Can you think of another reason?”

“It was to hold Noah and his family and all of the animals so that they wouldn’t drown,” interrupted Mary.

“Mary, that’s what I was going to say,” cried out Billy.

“Well, you are both right,” said Mr. Jones smilingly.  “If it was only going to be a local flood, two of each of all the animals in the Mesopotamia area could have fit on a much smaller boat.  Also, there would have been all the people and animals outside of the flood area to reproduce their kind, replacing those that died in a local flood.  So the Ark wouldn’t have been necessary.  The Bible is very clear that all the people and animals not on the Ark died.

“Dad, I just thought of another problem for a local flood story!” exclaimed Mary.

“What is that?” asked Mr. Jones

“Well, the Bible says that Noah had birds on the Ark,  If the Flood wasn’t over all the earth, the birds could have just flown to a safe place!”

“Great point, Mary!  I can think of another problem for a local flood, and I’ll need your help.  Mary, please go get a large casserole dish from the kitchen and take it into the bathroom. Billy, I need you to go out to the garden and bring in a rock about the size of a soft ball.”

In the bathroom, Mr. Jones placed the casserole dish in the bottom of the bathtub, and Billy’s rock into the casserole dish.

“Kids, I want you to pretend that the casserole is Mesopotamia and the rock is a mountain.  Watch what happens when I fill the dish to the top…There, it’s full.  Now, do you notice something about the mountain?” asked Mr. Jones.

“Yeah…it’s sticking out of the water!””

“That’s right.  The bible tells us that all the mountains were under at least twenty-two feet of water.  To cover the mountain we need more water.” Mr. Jones turned on the bathtub faucet, quickly filling the tub.

“Notice that as the water rises, it seeks its own level.  Water couldn’t rise to cover the local mountains without flooding the rest of the world,” explained Mr. Jones.

“I have one more thing I want you to think about.  The Bible tells us that the rainbow that we saw earlier today is God’s promise that He will never send such a flood again.  We have floods almost every year, so if it was a local flood, then God keeps breaking His promise.”

“God can’t tell a lie, Dad!” blurted Billy.

“That’s right, Billy.  So you see kids, there are lots of Biblical reasons to believe the Flood was worldwide, not just local,” concluded Mr. Jones.


By Lanny and Marilyn Johnson 

Originally Published in the Nov/Dec 2007 Kids Think and Believe Too!

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