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The idea of recycling used products has been around for several decades. Recently, with everybody going “green,” recycling is getting a lot of renewed attention. However, recycling is nothing new. God has had it in His design right from the beginning of time.

Within our cells is the very important molecule of DNA. It carries the genetic information that makes you who you are … the building code of life. To live, DNA needs energy, which it gets from a large molecule called ATP. ATP is one of the principal energy systems within our body. It is the molecule that creates the electricity in your nerves that moves your muscles.

ATP changes the energy found in food to a form your cells can use. After it delivers the energy in the cell, it loses phosphate atoms and becomes ADP. The mitochondrion within the cell immediately grab the ADP and recycle it, adds energy, and changes it back into ATP. The ATP is then ready to once again deliver its energy to the cell. It has been estimated that each ATP is recycled, in this manner, up to three times per second. Close to 400 pounds of ATP is recycled in your body each day.

In the mitochondrion are molecular “water wheels” spinning 200 revolutions per second, producing 600 ATP molecules per second! This amazing design definitely points to a Creator. How could the random chance and accident ever blunder onto this type of complexity?

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