Warning: Bridge Out!

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Imagine you are driving on a curvy mountain road.  As you round a corner you see a sign:  “STOP! Bridge out ahead!”  You manage to stop just in time to avoid certain death.  With sweating palms and pounding heart, you thank the Lord for protection and for the person who posted the warning.

Suppose, however, you miss the warning or choose to ignore it.  Maybe you don’t think it applies to you; perhaps you don’t believe in gravity, or you just don’t want anybody telling you what to do.  Whatever the reason, you find the Law of Gravity holds true despite your apathy, ignorance, rebellion, or unbelief.

Our society today is fast approaching the “bridge out!”  Our Creator has ordained unchanging laws by which His universe operates and has lovingly erected “warning sings” in nature and in His Word, but too many people are spurning these “warning signs,” and society is heading for disaster.  If we are to have a just and orderly society, we must realign our lives with His law before it is too late.

Our Founding Fathers knew this.  Their writings show that they believed their job was not to “make” law, but to discover and apply God’s eternal law.  This Biblical base began to be eroded in the 1860’s, though, when C.C. Langdell of the Harvard Law School began applying Darwinism and uniformitarianism to social law.  Soon “legal positivism” became the undergirding philosophy of law in the U.S.

There are 5 major tenets of legal positivism: 1. There are no God-given principles of law; 2. Man is the author of law; 3. Law evolves; 4. Judges guide the evolution of law; and 5. The “casebook” method is the “scientific” way to study Law (i.e. students study the opinions of judges, not the eternal, unchanging principles of the Word of God).

For over 100 years now, the law schools of this country have been controlled by evolutionists teaching these tenets.  As a result, most of our “lawmakers” and judges have ceased looking for God’s law and have seen their job as creators of laws for an “evolving” society.

The impact of this evolutionary thinking on our legal system has been far-reaching.  If the Creator is rejected, there can be no absolute standard of right and wrong.  If everything is evolving, then values too must evolve, so everything is relative – what’s “true” today might not be “true” tomorrow, and what’s “right” for you might not be “right” for me.

Society, then, is faced with a dilemma – if there is no unchanging standard on which to establish laws, how will it maintain order?  Many people think “democracy” is the answer.  However, unless each individual is submitting to the higher rule of the Creator, rule by the majority inevitably ends in suppression of the minority.  On the other hand, rule by a few elite depends entirely on the character of the individuals, and in a fallen world, it’s easy to see how this leads to despotism.  In either case, arbitrary rules which change constantly do not gender respect by the governed, so law-breaking becomes rampant.  Increasing lawlessness leads to anarchy, which eventually leads to totalitarianism.

The only sure base for a just and orderly society is the biblical base, rooted in the truth that there is a Creator and His Law is absolute.  In our society bent on flying down a road with the creation bridge out, it’s time to heed the warning.  Let’s turn back to law based on the righteous Creator instead of on evolving laws before we hurtle to certain death.

(Ref: Doug Phillips, National Homeschool Sports Tourn. Estes Park, CO 3/96)


By Dave and Mary Jo Nutting

Originally Published in the September/October 1996 Think and Believe.

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