Evolution Not Evident

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Is it worth getting into a discussion about creation with an evolutionist?  Does it do any good?  The answer, of course, depends upon the individual and you will not know until after you have tried.  Remember, most evolutionists have never personally examined the supposed evidence of evolution.  They do not realize that even though evolution is heralded as proven fact in most “academic” circles, the more closely it is examined, the more gaping are its holes.  However, since they have never been presented with an alternative, they have accepted it by default as the majority opinion.  After all, thousands of scientists couldn’t all be wrong, could they?

Actually, evolution cannot hold up to careful scientific scrutiny.  The complex structures and interrelated parts of living things are a testimony to the creative genius of a Master Designer, not the random results of time, chance and natural processes.  In past issues of Think & Believe we have spotlighted for you many such marvelously designed creatures.  For example, do you remember the woodpecker with its unique tongue storage system and the archerfish with its “rifle-barrel” mouth for shooting pellets of water at insects hanging or flying above the water?  These creatures clearly illustrate the way in which complex parts fit together in a coordinated way to perform specialized functions.  Observation and logical inference tell us this is good evidence of design, not time and chance. 

In another issue we considered the bombardier beetle with its unusual ability to shoot boiling hot gases at would-be predators, another powerful example of the same principle.  The birds, whales, platypuses, and ants all point to marvelous engineering design that is not adequately explained by evolution.  If you present such evidence in a gentle and loving way, it can be quite significant in helping others realize the inadequacies of the evolutionary model.  (Hopefully you have saved the past issues of Think & Believe so you can refer back to them.  If not, feel free to visit our archives,  to read or download  those you are missing.)

Those who are willing to look objectively at the evidence often opt to reject evolutionary speculation and begin giving credit to God the Creator rather than to “Mother Nature.”  Our seminars are designed to give people the opportunity to evaluate what they have been taught and may have blindly accepted about evolution.  The articles in Think & Believe are also meant to cause people to do just that:  think and believe!  However, we cannot speak to everyone.  That is where you fit in.  We encourage you to use the material contained in our seminars and this publication, as well as the numerous other good creationist materials available to help your friends begin “thinking and believing.”

By Dave and Mary Jo Nutting

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