Seeds Take Root

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Professor, What would it take...

Lanny Johnson just wrote a blog (July 15) where he referred to a woman who couldn’t get past the idea of creation. In it, Lanny mentioned that during their conversation with the woman, it appeared that she was unable to comprehend that evolution was not true and creation was.

That makes me think of many, many times that Mary Jo and I have seen exactly the same thing. We talked to one professor for 5 hours one evening giving evidence after evidence for Creation and answered his arguments for evolution. Finally, I asked him what evidence he would accept for creation. He replied, “Absolutely nothing!” That showed that he did not have a problem with the evidence, but with his will. We do not know what happened with what we shared, but trust that God can change his heart.

Quite a few years ago, Lanny, who wrote that blog, came to one of Mary Jo’s lectures. At that time, he professed to be an atheist. After hearing the evidence, he did not accept what was presented that night, but as Lanny mentioned about the woman he and Marilyn had talked to, a seed was planted. This one eventually took root. Now Lanny is fully a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, and is presenting the truth of Creation to children and adults all over this country and abroad.

Seeds do take root! So we keep on presenting the truth whether or not, it seems to be making a difference in a person’s outward appearance. God does the work in the heart and causes the growth!

Dave Nutting

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