The Origin of Life

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People have long speculated on the origin of living creatures.  A common view in the past was the idea of spontaneous generation.  This was the idea that some life forms came directly from the earth or from other non-living materials.  For example, maggots were thought to arise spontaneously from decaying meat, rats from dirty rags, snakes from horsehairs, and all kinds of creatures from dried up pond mud.  Scientific experiments in the 1600s – 1800s however showed the error in such thinking, and the principle that “life comes only from life” became widely accepted.  This principle is now one of the best substantiated principles in modern science.

Many evolutionary scientists, however, still accept a modified version of spontaneous generation to explain the origin of the very first life, though there is no direct experimental evidence to support it.  In general they try to trace the stream of life back to simple one-celled creatures like bacteria and simple algae, but where did they come from?  Supposedly they arose spontaneously from non-living chemical materials by natural chemical processes.  Since there is no known way for this process to take place under the current kind of atmosphere, evolutionists propose that the original earth atmosphere must have been much different from todays.  Experiments have shown that it is possible to produce the chemical building blocks of life in such an atmosphere.  However, these are specifically controlled laboratory experiments which have little to do with the conditions present on the early earth.  There are also many problems in relating these experiments to the evolutionary origin of life.

The jump from an unorganized blob of chemicals to a complex, coordinated living cell is a fantastic jump.  Even a simple living cell is thought to need over 2000 specific proteins to function properly.  Calculations have shown that it is statistically impossible to arrive at even one small-sized specific protein by chance, much less 2000! (See May/June 1985 T&B).

The principle that “life comes only from life” is still an accurate scientific principle, and it is also Biblical.  Scripture tells us the first life on earth came from God Himself when he made the various types of animals and finally breathed into man the breath of life.  Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.”  Indeed, life comes only from life today, and the first life on earth came from the eternal source of life, the great Creator God Himself.


By Dave and Mary Jo Nutting

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