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A friend of mine, located where we do a lot of ministry to college students, sent me the following  quote with a word that everyone should check for accuracy of quotations:

            “The trouble with finding quotes on the internet is that you can’t trust their accuracy.”  

– – Thomas Jefferson

Of course, any good researcher must check out the validity of the quote (which I do). That is why I just smile when some of the quotes I use in my lectures are questioned by skeptics. The usual charge is, “Oh, ____ wouldn’t say that!” The truth is they did. I encourage the skeptic to check it out.

Another charge is that I am “quote mining.” This means I glean the quotes when they are valuable for my presentations. As a matter of fact, I think that most people who quote someone will use the quote to illustrate a point. But if a creationist like me does it and makes evolutionary assumptions seem ridiculous with it, skeptics say that I am “mining the quote” and making the audience think that the person I am quoting is supporting my view.

However, I will never try to make an evolutionist look like a non-evolutionist. I am quick to point out times that (for an example) “here is an evolutionist who is saying that the fossils don’t support evolution.” I am not saying that he gave up evolution, but just that he sees the same thing I do even though he doesn’t “get it.” He doesn’t get the big picture.

Right along with that charge is the claim, “You’re taking him out of context.” My answer is, “No, I’m not. Look it up for yourself!” Again the claim is similar to above– making the one I’m quoting look like he doubts evolution when in fact the normal context is that he is still an ardent evolution believer. This will almost always be the case.

Most evolutionists I quote are locked into their evolutionary/naturalistic worldview which demands evolution to be accepted. However, this is frequently contrary to what the actual evidence indicates. That part I enjoy pointing out, and even smile when I do! Hopefully some of these students will finally “get it!” Evolution is bankrupt!

Dave Nutting

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