Flood Triggered Ice Age?

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U-Shaped Valleys near Kebler Pass

I recently traveled over Kebler Pass for the first time. Kebler Pass is a high mountain pass (el. 10,007 ft.) between Somerset and Crested Butte, Colorado. The maintained gravel road (accessible by all passenger vehicles in the summer – closed in the winter) meanders through beautiful mountain peaks, valleys, and majestic Quaking Aspen forests. This is a mountain pass I will certainly try to return to in the fall, when the aspen are in full autumn splendor!

Several of the mountain peaks exhibit textbook examples of U-shaped valleys caused by glacial erosion. In my training as a secular geologist, I was taught these glaciers were the result of multiple recurring ice ages spanning millions of years. Now, as a young earth creationist, how can I explain an ice age? Michael Oard has proposed an ice age model caused by the Flood, which I believe is a valid explanation.

 At the beginning of the Flood (about 4,400 years ago) the fountains of the great deep broke open (Genesis 7:11).  Along with hot water pouring out of the earth, there were erupting volcanoes, dumping hot lava into the waters during and after the Flood, resulting in warm oceans. These volcanoes also threw lots of ash, dirt and dust into the air, reflecting some of the sunlight back to space causing cooler summers.

The resulting warm oceans would evaporate lots of warm water vapor into the atmosphere, mixing with the cooler air over the land, producing tremendous amounts of moisture. At the poles and higher elevations, large quantities of snow would have accumulated. The cool summers would keep the snow from melting, allowing huge ice sheets to develop.

Using principles of atmospheric science, Oard has estimated that ice sheets thousands of feet thick (2,300 feet [700 m] in the Northern Hemisphere and 4,000 feet [1,220 m] on Antarctica) could have accumulated in less than 500 years. At the conclusion of the 500 years, the conditions for the Ice Age would have ended and would then be followed by 200 years of melting.

I have only given a much shortened sample of Michael Oard’s proposal. You can learn more from his book, “Frozen in Time“, available at our store.

Lanny Johnson

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