Lacking in “Life”

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I recently read a newsletter from a missionary couple we know that just began serving in North Africa with HCJB Global Missions. The husband had heard a sermon on Ezekiel 37, where God speaks life into the valley of dry bones. He shared, “Many times in the midst of a schedule so full that I’ve felt lacking in ‘life’.  I have been dependent on God to give me the life I need to face each task with energy and insight. ” How appropriate that...

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Scientific Breakthrough?

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You see a headline:  “Scientific Breakthrough!  Scientists now know how XXX works!”  In the article, the researcher is quoted as saying, “We now understand… .”  You may think, “Isn’t it amazing what the scientists are discovering these days?”  The headlines imply that scientists are beginning to understand how the universe works.  From subatomic particles to the Big Bang to evolution, scientists are figuring everything out.  Given enough time, man will understand...

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Fruitful Vacation Bible School

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Last week we had a very fruitful Family Vacation Bible School at a medium sized church in Nebraska. We were teaching about 65 children (accompanied by 12 adult leaders), giving them biblical and scientific evidences for creation. In the adult program we had an average attendance of about 25 adults. Both groups were very enthusiastic and eager to learn. During VBS programs, I always share the gospel on the 4th evening, following a talk about the ark, the flood, and why God...

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One of the blessings we have experienced in this travelling/speaking ministry has been the many friends we get to see along the way. Some of these are “new” friends that we meet while doing seminars in various places. Others are “old” friends who invite us to do seminars in their area or friends who live along the travel route and are able share a quick visit, a meal, or overnight hospitality. In any case, it is a blessing to share time with these friends, “old” or “new.”...

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Evolution Not Evident

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Is it worth getting into a discussion about creation with an evolutionist?  Does it do any good?  The answer, of course, depends upon the individual and you will not know until after you have tried.  Remember, most evolutionists have never personally examined the supposed evidence of evolution.  They do not realize that even though evolution is heralded as proven fact in most “academic” circles, the more closely it is examined, the more gaping are its holes.  However, since...

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Willfully Ignorant

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Last week at a family Vacation Bible School we were teaching, I had a brief encounter with a man who had been brought to the seminar by his Christian friend. I had just finished teaching about the Miracle of Life, giving evidence that we are here by special design, when I heard this gentleman talking to his friend. He was admitting that he understood the evidence shows there must be a god who made us; however, he did not believe it was the God of the Bible.  He explained to...

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Seeds Take Root

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Lanny Johnson just wrote a blog (July 15) where he referred to a woman who couldn’t get past the idea of creation. In it, Lanny mentioned that during their conversation with the woman, it appeared that she was unable to comprehend that evolution was not true and creation was. That makes me think of many, many times that Mary Jo and I have seen exactly the same thing. We talked to one professor for 5 hours one evening giving evidence after evidence for Creation and answered...

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A Very Scientific Mind

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“Why do you have to teach creation?” This was a question a lady posed to us, after we shared with her what our ministry involved. We explained that we “have” to teach Biblical Creation because most children are only taught evolution in the public school system. She acknowledged that evolution is taught in the schools, but didn’t see why that was a problem. “I am a Christian,” she declared. “But I also have a very scientific...

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“You Changed My Life”

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Have you ever had one of those “Ah-ha!” moments, when previously confusing things suddenly become clear? Well that’s exactly what happened for one participant at a recent seminar. After just a few sessions, he came to us and said:  “You have changed my life. I have fought with this [evolution / creation question] for years and years. And now the explanation is so simple … it [evolution] is not really true.” Later, as we talked further, this man told us: “Nothing...

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Chucking Wood

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We were traveling in the Colorado Mountains recently with our two grandsons, where we saw a yellow-bellied marmot sitting on its hind legs alongside the roadway. Even though the yellow-bellied marmot normally lives in burrows within rock piles, it is considered a ground squirrel. Some ground squirrels are called woodchucks or land-beavers. As a child I had learned a tongue twister about woodchucks: “How much wood could a woodchuck chuck, if a wood chuck could chuck...

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A Reducing What?

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Textbooks frequently make statements like “several billion years ago the primitive earth had a reducing atmosphere.”  What does that mean?  Instead of containing large amounts of free oxygen as our present atmosphere does, it supposedly contained large amounts of hydrogen, methane, ammonia and other gases.  This type of atmosphere would kill most everything that lives today. What is the basis for such statements in the books?  The idea first caught on not because of...

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“I Was at Camp…”

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The time I just recently spent in Austin, TX, brought encouraging comments from several people. Some said they were at the camp we did quite a few years ago and it had a huge impact on them or their family. One mother of a four year old said she was 10 years old when I last saw her –at camp. Several participants said that they are now grandparents and want to bring their grandchildren.  I am not sure how they managed to age enough for that, but I don’t want to admit that I...

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