Wow! It’s a dinosaur!

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Natural Bridges National Monument

Dinosaur Drawing

The students on our field trip were sure that the ancient drawing on the sandstone wall of the Kachina Bridge, at Natural Bridges National Monument, was a dinosaur. But wait a minute! Weren’t dinosaurs supposed to have gone extinct 65 million years ago?

If so, what was the Anasazi Indian thinking about 1000 or 2000 years ago when he/she made this picture. This finding coupled with a huge number of other such drawings, mosaics, figurines, and rock carvings from around the world would indicate that people and dinosaurs actually existed at the same time. That fits the Biblical perspective that God made all land animals (including dinosaurs) on Day 6 of Creation.

On a previous field trip, Mary Jo told a lady who was heading down the trail to make sure she looked for the dinosaur petroglyph.  “Impossible,” she said. “I am a science teacher. It can’t be a dinosaur. Everyone knows that dinosaurs and people didn’t live together.”

When she came to the point where I was at in front of the rock drawing, I asked her if she had seen the dinosaur drawing. “No way, she said. I’m a science teacher. Dinosaurs became extinct millions of years ago before man. It can’t be a dinosaur.”

Dinosaur Drawing - Enhanced

“Well, what’s that,” I asked as I pointed to the drawing.  She stared at it for a while and said, “Well, I guess people back then had a good imagination.” 

The point is that people will rule out evidence which goes against their long-held or cherished beliefs. A wonderful resource that would be excellent for any of our readers which challenges the current evolutionary viewpoints about dinosaurs is the DVD, Dragons or Dinosaurs.

 I highly recommend it!

It also has a picture of the same dinosaur along with many others! You can also check out our publication, Think & Believe –   Sept/Oct 2007 – page 3, for an article relating to this. It has more pictures as well.

Dave Nutting

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