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“Did you know that pelicans go blind from the pounding their eyes take when diving for food? Then, being unable to hunt, they die of starvation.” Or, “Brown Pelicans hit the water so hard diving for food that their life span is shortened because of the continual impact their skulls sustain.” These are statements that you hear a lot from eco tour guides and even read about on so-called-educational websites.

These ideas are actually unsupported myths or bits of misinformation. Unfortunately, many people believe these types of misinformation without question. We see a lot of stories regarding evolution being touted in educational books, magazines, television and museums … and many people will believe these types of misinformation without question.

One of the predominate themes all of the speakers at AOI teach, is to ask, “What’s The Evidence?” By asking that question regarding the above statements, I found out that they were false. It seems most Brown Pelicans live up to 40 years old. The main cause of death is not blindness or pounding headaches; rather the main cause of death seems to be old age, or entanglement in fishing lines, nets and hooks.

Be skeptical … ask, “What’s the evidence?” … and you might find what is being promoted as truth is in fact false or misinformation.

Lanny Johnson

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