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On the way back from our speaking trip in Texas, Mary Jo & I had the pleasure of stopping by two Creation centers.

The Discovery Center in Abilene is run by Tommy and Caroline Walden. They are very energetic people with a real passion for creation. A popular exhibit is their talking robot. The Center has some fossils and various creation displays. An exhibit they are developing features material donated relating to the Titanic. Their message will be comparing it to Noah’s Ark.

The second one we visited on this trip was Joe Taylor’s Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum at Crosbyton.  Joe is an artist and avid fossil preparer. He has excavated quite a few dinosaurs and mammoths along with many other animals. There are a huge number of fossils in this museum. Joe was gracious enough to give Mary Jo & I a tour of his museum. Many of the fossils directly relate to the Flood and other catastrophic events.

We are very happy to see these types of creation centers becoming available to travelers who get exhausted with hearing nothing but long age evolutionary explanations at other museums. So if you take a trip, search out what potential creation sites may be available in route. It will be good for you and your family.

Dave Nutting


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