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We just wanted to let our partners and readership know that we are posting all of our Think and Believe and Kids Think and Believe, Too!  newsletters on our ever expanding website.  We have every single edition posted online, even back to the beginning – Yes, back to 1984.  We will be adding indexes (topical and chronological) in the near future for both publications.  You can read the two newest newsletters through our website at, or directly through the links below.  Thanks to everyone who helps us get these publications out.  Send the links to friends, family, and those who need the truth.  Remember, you can always use the new Discover Creation search engine on our site for study and research.  You can search just our site, or from many reputable creation science sites such as ICR, AIG, and CMI.  We have tailored the search so you can rely on the findings.  But always remember to check all things with Scripture.

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  1. Great site! We would be interested in using “Kids believe too” as work sheets for our VBS in the 3rd week of July. We would need 5 different issues dealing with animals (such as the current one on the camel) or some creation theme. How would you suggest we make this happen? Thanks for your good work! Pastor Heiland

    • Thanks for the encouragement, we are always adding to the site. We will be adding indexes to the site in the next couple of weeks for our Think and Believe, and Kids Think and Believe, Too! publications. You are at liberty to use the PDF files of any edition and make as many copies as needed. If you want copies mailed, please give us a call on availability. Also, call me if you want a copy of the index for Kids Think and Believe, Too! prior to the website posting. Thanks again.

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