Alpha Omega Institute

Who We Are

Alpha Omega Institute was raised up by God in 1984 under the direction of Dave & Mary Jo Nutting, former evolutionary college instructors.

Today, AOI is a worldwide outreach dedicated to strengthening Christians and reaching unbelievers by exposing the fallacies of evolutionary worldviews and defending the accuracy of the Bible. As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, we are supported by tax-deductible donations from like-minded individuals.

What We Do

  • Discover Creation Seminars
  • Children’s Ministry
  • Creation Vacations & Camps
  • Public, Christian & Home School Programs
  • Publications including Think & Believe and Kids T & B Too!
  • Intern Training Program
  • Resource Center
  • International Outreach

Why We do It

Society is in the midst of a cultural war. The church and family are under attack and our children are victims of valueless teaching and moral decay. Evolution is presented as “scientific fact” virtually everywhere. As a result, young and old alike are questioning their values and faith.

The Goal of AOI is to strengthen Christians, reach unbelievers, and help you and your family:

  • Discover answers to questions about evolution, creation, and the Bible.
  • Understand the foundational importance of Genesis to all Christian doctrine.
  • Recognize evolutionary bias and its effects on society.
  • Stand firm and defend your faith with boldness, gentleness, and confidence.