About Discover Creation Training Institute

                                A Ministry of Alpha Omega Institute




Mission of Discover Creation Training Institute

As a ministry of Alpha Omega Institute, the mission of Discover Creation Training Institute is to provide a specialized training program which is designed to fortify individuals with a creation-based Biblical worldview with an emphasis on applied apologetics and personal discipleship.


Our Vision – Discipling, Learning, and Community

Our goal is to help students become life-long learners who will make a positive impact in our world. Students will receive training in the Bible, creation science, worldviews, apologetics, and more. Through our focus on creation ministry, students will learn to utilize the training they receive, coupled with their own interests and giftings, to engage in real-life ministry projects. We want them to really learn instead of merely regurgitating information. We want students to grow in their relationship with Christ, grow in their understanding of Scripture and science, and grow in their faith.


DCTI is intentionally a non-accredited training anddiscipleship educational program. It is non-traditional in that we do not follow a gradingsystem or offer degrees or certificates. Too many students waste time and money in college not knowing what they want to do. Our view is that education is not about a piece of paper claiming that you have learned, but about true learning and transformed lives. We believe in fortifying the body of Christ through discipleship, accountability, and personal responsibility.


Learning in Community

We are serious about learning and community; therefore, our learning environment is different than a typical college setting. Our goal is to create a community of learners, serious about growing in their own knowledge and relationship with the Lord while supporting and motivating one another to defend and share their faith with others.


DCTI’s on-site program is designed for 20-30 year-round students. Integrated throughout this powerful program is the intentional focus on developing caring, supportive community among students and staff. Experiencing life together through shared meals, discussions, small groups, trips, and other activities enhances learning and promotes strong, on-going relationships. Students of DCTI will be accountable to mentors and the staff of DCTI, as well as to each other.


As an option for individuals who are unable to attend our full 1-year program, we are exploring alternative ways to join our learning community through online involvement, short-term participation at our study center, and participation in field trips.  Contact us if you are interested in pursuing this option.


DCTI Staff

Our staff, comprised primarily of Alpha Omega Institute staff, is the backbone of DCTI.God has worked in the lives of our staff in unique and varied ways. We believe that He has specifically called each one to this creation discipleship ministry and all are passionate about God’s Word and doing His will. Dave and Mary Jo Nutting, who lead the staff, have master’s degrees in mathematics, geology, and biology, and each has morethan 30 years of experience in creation teaching and evangelism. The entire staff is highly qualified, with varied educational and professional experience. DCTI’s format and forums enable us to include additional specialized instructors and perspectives that enhance the program.



DCTI is located in the Grand Junction area in Western Colorado. During the start-up phases of DCTI, we plan to utilize rental facilities for teaching and student housing. However, our long-term dream is to develop our own facility.


Grand Junction is located on the western slope of the Rocky Mountains. It is a diverse area with desert, mountain, and river ecology offering countless hiking and mountain biking trails. The sun rises over the Grand Mesa (the largest flat-top mountain in the world) and sets behind the unique and beautiful canyons and cliffs of the Colorado National Monument. The junction of the Colorado and Gunnison rivers allow for lush, irrigated orchards with tasty fresh fruit, especially peaches, cherries and apples in late summer and early fall. A short drive takes you to the Grand Mesa where you can find great hiking, fishing, and skiing at Powderhorn Mountain Resort.


Grand Junction is the home of Colorado Mesa University. As such, it provides numerous cultural and recreational options. Our unique setting provides wonderful opportunities to get out into God’s Creation! Area activities include:



Hiking  Backpacking  Mountain Biking  Horseback Riding  Fly Fishing  Boating  Whitewater Rafting  Wildlife Watching  Fruit Picking  Golf  Disc Golf   Bowling  Climbing and Rappelling  Downhill Skiing and Snowboarding   Cross-country Skiing or Snow-shoeing  and Lots More!



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Click here if you want to get involved and help with the Institute, or be a part of the 2015 Charter Year Program.



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